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Wittenberg attracts visitors all year round

With local events, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and its surroundings attract a multitude of visitors each year. The offered multifaceted program has something for everybody. Lovers of nature or music equally get what they are looking for here,

just as those interested in culture or ecclesiastical subjects. We at Luther Hotel have assembled a selection of events for you in our cultural calendar.

Culture Calendar 2017

Musicaldinner at the Luther-Hotel in Wittenberg

March 11th, 2017

Musical Night meets Dinner

Spend an unforgettable night at the Luther-Hotel! Feel the magic of the moment and enjoy highlights from different musicals such as “Dirty Dancing”, “Tarzan” and “Phantom of the Opera” as well as a delicious 3-course menu created by our kitchen chef Christian Hirsch.

Doors open: 6.30pm | start: 7.00pm

Ticket price: 69.00 € incl. dinner + show

Reservations at the Luther-Hotel: +49-3491-458-0

Bicycle Sport Days Wittenberg

May 5th - 7th, 2017

Bicycle Sports Days

The Bicycle Sports Days are one of the biggest sport events in Wittenberg. Visitors and participants enjoy this May event with its various events such as the "Kleine Friedensfahrt" for young bicyclists, the Generali Cup for professionals and the Regio Pedale for anyone. Besides the bicycle races and bicycle round trips for bicycle lovers Wittenberg also has something to offer for runners, the so-called Wittenberg Night-Run.

Mayflower Festival Wittenberg

May 13th - 14th 

"Maiblumenfest" - Mayflower Festival

The Mayflower Festival takes place at the marketplace in Wittenberg and has much to offer - gifts and souvenirs, floristry, plants for flower beds, balcony or pots, fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices, perennial plants and also fresh asparagus from Seyda and wine specialties from Jessen. Of course, you may also enjoy or purchase new horticultural products at the may flower festival. There will be extensive information about plants, nature and the environment. You may enjoy nicely arranged flowers at the market place and take home lots of ideas when the garden centers present their favorites during a window box competition.

95 treasures - 95 people Exhibition Martin Luther in Wittenberg

May 13th - November 15th

National Special Exhibition

From May 13th until November 5th 2017 the National Special Exhibition called “Luther! 95 Schätze – 95 Menschen” (95 treasures - 95 people) invites you to follow the young Luther on his path to Reformation. You may also learn how the Reformation still has influence today’s everyday life. The exhibition is being staged in the front building of the “Lutherhaus” (Luther’s house), which is called the Augusteum and was organized by the “Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten in Sachsen-Anhalt”. Further information can be found here.

Germany Wittenberg

May 24th - 28th

36th German Protestant Church Assembly Berlin-Wittenberg "Du siehst mich"

Every two years the Church Congress takes place in a German city and fascinates people for five days. Over 100.000 people of every age, different religions and origins come together to celebrate faith and contemplate and discuss contemporary topics. The next Assembly will take place in Berlin and Wittenberg from 24 to 28 May 2017.

Further information can be found here:

Germany Wittenberg

May 27th -28th

Festive Weekend in Wittenberg incl. 'Night of Lights', church service, picnic & concert

The first visitors will arrive on Saturday, and at sunset hold a 'Night of Lights' on the meadows with the Taizé community by the riverbank. Next morning they will welcome the sunrise with songs and prayers. At noon, there will be a great church service "Von Angesicht zu Angesicht" (Face to Face) followed by a "Reformation picnic".

Finally, there will be a musical climax: a concert with celebrities spreading a message encouraging us to get involved - politically and socially.

World Reformation Wittenberg

May 20th - September 10th

World Reformation Exhibition: "Tore der Freiheit" (Gates of Freedom)

Seven gates of freedom invite visitors from May 20th until September 10th 2017 to think and learn about church, faith and our world today. Every gate has a specific topic presenting information, music events, plays, presentations and discussions. Each week will pursue a different topic over a period of 16 weeks. This event starts with a festival week that will include the German Protestant Church Assembly in Berlin and Wittenberg.

For further information click here.

Luthers Wedding Wittenberg Germany

June 9th - 11th

Luther's Wedding

On June 13th 1525, former monk Martin Luther and the escaped nun Katharina of Bora got married. For over 20 years the people of Wittenberg have been commemorating this day with a festival reenacting their union. Yearly, hundreds of thousands of visitors witness this historical moment.

Celebrate Luther's wedding with us when bride and groom stroll through the alleys of the historic city center with a couple of thousands of guests. Look forward to colorful robes, musicians, jugglers, knights, salesmen, fanfare bands, markets and a historical parade as well as numerous delicacies of Wittenberg.

Wittenberg Courtyard Concerts

June - August

Courtyard Concerts

This summer, we are happy to present our courtyard concerts again. Every year, Wittenberg opens up its courtyards and invites you to concerts, readings and plays.

Small and large courtyards allow insights beyond the fronts of the historic city center creating picturesque settings for selected cultural events.

Wittenberg Wine Festival

August 3rd - 6th

Wine Festival

On this weekend, vintners from the region and from all over Germany meet at the "Marktplatz" (market place) of Wittenberg. At the stands you will be able to try but also buy some fine wine.

An entertaining program on a stage especially built for this event will round up the event.

Night of Discovery Wittenberg

August 19th

"Erlebnisnacht" (Night of Discovery) in Wittenberg

A night of arts and culture that presents unknown and known places in new ways. Experience museums, churches, galleries and exhibitions in a new mysterious and interesting way. Well-known and unknown places will be cast in a new light, and there'll be plenty of mysterious and fascinating things to discover. The extraordinary evening will come to a close with a breathtaking musical firework display featuring spectacular effects.

For further information see:

Pottery Market in Wittenberg

September 23rd – 24th

Pottery market in Wittenberg

Numerous pottery makers and ceramists will display their pieces at the pottery market in Wittenberg. They will present their handmade crafts such as pots, vases, bowls and many more. At some stands you may watch the craftsmen at their work, for instance at the potter's wheel, while painting or burning pottery.

Wittenberg´s night of light

September 29th

Wittenberg’s Night of Lights

Wittenberg at night. Lights will shine all over the inner city and its sights. A special event at the end of summer!

renaissance music festival wittenberg

October 20th - November 5th

Renaissance music festival

Music strikes a chord in life. Music not only brightens up your day but is a true elixir of life. Musical sounds leave traces and are a pleasant break during daily life. Many famous musician and composers were born in Central Germany. Experience the traces of their lives.

For further information please click here (only in german):

reformation day wittenberg

October 31st

Reformation Day official ceremony 2017

On October 31st Martin Luther posted his 95 theses against the selling of indulgences at the All Saints’ Church of Wittenberg. This date marked the beginning of the Reformation. Every year at this date, there are lots of events.

christmas market Wittenberg


Wittenberg’s Christmas Market

In December 2017 Wittenberg’s Christmas Market is going to shine in front of its historical setting! At the market, the Luther-Hotel will offer mulled wine and culinary specialties created by restaurant chef de cuisine Christian Hirsch. You shouldn’t miss it!



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